Know Me

–  Bruce Springsteen’s first 2 albums will change your life

– I used to write this blog

– I don’t believe in grammar

– I think Kyle Chandler is the best actor on TV

– I’m listening to a lot of Lady Gaga and someone named Ke$ha

– I have no shame

– I will always love college sports

– I once gave a homeless man $10. By mistake

– I then found $10 at an arcade. And spent it. On homeless people.

– Some of the above was made up

– Kenny Fisher may be the greatest character in cinematic history

– I like hyperbole

–  I’ve practiced the triple deek on multiple occasions. Mostly alone in my room. Crying.

– One day I will sing a Pat Benatar song at karoake. That karaoke place will then cease to exist from the awesomeness.

– I know every word to Cool Runnings.

– Doug E. Doug is underrated.

– Parallel Parking is overrated.

– Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle ran a 5k faster than me. He was 14 at the time. I was 25.

– I’ve seen every Real World since 1993.

– In related news, I’m single.

– In other related news, Seattle is the best one. Please let’s not argue.

– The first CD  I bought was Seal.

– The last CD I bought. Also Seal.

– This blog will be funny roughly 46 percent of the time 86 percent of the time.

– Math is not fun, no matter what “they” say.


  1. fetch said,

    Seattle is the best one? GTFO

  2. Ask Alice said,

    Math is the enemy

  3. dollyasylum said,

    I dont believe in grammer either.We don’t have it here in australia.I have no idea what a triple deek is, but from an australian standpoint it sounds exotic and mysterious.Like something you would do on a skateboard.

  4. cescogar321 said,

    I just wanted to say that I saw your name on a blog roll and when I read the words, “I wear t-shirts…sometimes” I let out an audible gasp because, “Could it be!? A Can’t Hardly Wait reference?” With my heart beating fast I made a dash for your “about me” page and saw Kenny Fischer – that is when I knew.

    A+ to the Can’t Hardly Wait references, I thought my friend and I were the only ones who referenced that movie on a daily basis. This brings me joy.

    Happy Writing!

    All my best to you,

    Looks like someone’s auditioning for Soul Train!

  5. Melody said,

    I just fell in love with you. The end.

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